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In a high-impact environment, you need a battery that is as tough as the rest of your vehicle. A battery  with extra thick plate connections, brass terminal connections and higher compression rates and valve settings to ensure the power in your battery gets to your accessories efficiently.


Introducing Full Throttle series batteries! Built to the highest standards on the market, Full Throttle batteries are made to be put through the toughest tests. Tackling high speeds, off-road absue, on-board accessories, bouncing hydraulics and earth shattering sound systems is a snap.


The new Full Throttle series batteries were built to deliver extreme power… On demand.


Weight 77.4Lbs

Nominal Voltage 12v

Nominal Capacity 110AH

Group size: 31


C100 121 AH
C20 110 AH
C5 96 AH
Short Circuit Current 5000 Amps
CCA 1100 Amps
CA or MCA 1360 Amps
PHCA 2200 Amps
Internal Resistance 2.2 mΩ